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Cranes of Abadan Refinery Oil Terminal in Mahshahr Port
Paladin Arms That Changed the History
شنبه 30 مرداد 1395

Abadan Refinery (Public relations): The possibility of moving Mahshahr Oil Export Terminal Cranes to Abadan Oil Museum was evaluated.

Following the suggestion received by Abadan Refinery Suggestions System regarding Mahshahr terminal out-of-service cranes, the refinery experts decided to move the cranes to Abadan Oil Museum.

Feasibility of this suggestion was assessed by sending an expert team from public relations department on July 24th to Mahshahr terminal, after initial discovery, they found out the 2 remaining cranes in No. 8 jetty has been in Mahshahr since 1970’s.

These cranes were used to carry crude oil, kerosene, bitumen barrels as well as other petroleum products. During the Sacred Defense (Iran-Iraq war) they were used to carry tons of food and other supplies from ships and buoys.

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