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Abadan Refinery Crude Oil Production Increased Up to 364000 bpd over the Past Year
يكشنبه 10 مرداد 1395

Abadan Refinery managing director announced that the predicted plan for the refinery was daily treatment of crude oil 350000 bpd which increased up to 364000 bpd over the past year.

Abadan Refinery (Public Relations): on July 24th, in the administrative council meeting of Abadan, Habibollah Abolhosseini, acknowledging the refinery staff for working under the extreme heat and bad weather condition, said that over the past year we provided about 23% of oil products required by the country. In the meantime, Esfahan, Bandar abbas, Arak, Tehran and Tabriz refineries respectively provided 20, 19, 15, 13 and 6 percent of the oil products. This figure indicates the importance of Abadan refinery producing and distributing oil products within the country.

He added that the potential refining capacity of the refinery is 450000 bpd and the capacity of the refinery reached to 435000 according to the needs of the country but due to the sufficiency of production we decreased it to 435000 bpd.

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